Music Performance Hall

The Music Performance Hall has a proscenium stage which is 12 meters wide and 6 meters high (11.85 meters wide × 6.24 meters high). The actual performing stage, excluding the area covered by the curtain system, is 9 meters deep × 8 meters wide × 5 meters high. The stage has black hardwood floors and is equipped with seven mobile acoustic panels.

Due to the limited space available on the left and right wings of the stage, in the backstage area, and in the lounge, the Auditorium is not suitable for large performances. The Music Performance Hall has a total of 232 seats on the upper and lower floors.

For details, please see Music Performance Hall Specifications.

Music Performance Hall stage management system



The Art Gallery is located on Floor B1 of the Hao-Ran Library. The total exhibition area is about 594 square meters and is paved with wooden floors. The duplex space between the two stories inside the building is designed to be visually penetrating, and it is an exquisite gallery with a modern design.

The height of the first floor of the exhibition hall is about six meters, suitable for displaying medium- and large-scale or three-dimensional works. The large pillars in the middle of the second floor of the Gallery serve as hidden storage for mobile exhibition panels, which can be pulled out. The space on the second floor of the Gallery can be roughly divided into up to four areas. Large floor-to-ceiling light walls are also installed between the floors, adding visual beauty to the Gallery.

Arts Curio Cabinets

It is a small independent space on the left side of the service desk at the Gallery. This exhibition platform is set up for increasing the diversity of exhibitions and stimulating “Bring art to life and life to art.”

One of the major features of the exhibition booth is the wavy, one-piece wooden display stand with hundreds of compartments. Its unique shape manifests a sense of fashion. The wood was cut into irregular parts with a laser machine, assembled on-site, and then painted with white paint to become a flexible display platform.

This area is a small hidden world on the side of the Gallery. Looking at the Arts Curio Cabinets exhibition space from the outside through the French windows feels like looking through a boutique window. The Arts Curio Cabinets hosts special exhibitions every two months, displaying various exquisitely designed art and creative products and organizing related hands-on workshops.

Art Space

The Art Space is located on the first floor of the front hallway of the Zhi Xing Building. It is a rectangular space with two small rooms. The right wall is a row of windows, introducing natural light and views of the campus. The Art Space can accommodate exhibitions, workshops, lectures, live performances, club presentations, and other activities. The exhibition hall is equipped with a fixed projector and projection screen. Painting and light rails can be found on the walls, and lights on the rails can be mounted and dismounted conveniently. The storage room has one piano. The venue can accommodate 55 seats. The compact and bright space is highly flexible and can meet the nature and needs of different student activities.