Walk into Studio

  • The Walk into Studio organized by the Center brings students to visit the National Theater and Concert Hall, the Hsinchu City Performance Hall, and other art museums, which not only enriches the activity but also introduces humanities into a campus dominated by science and engineering, thereby stimulating brand new creative thinking.
  • This activity brings students a feast for the eyes, the ears, and the soul. It is popular among students and has been widely praised by students, making the activity truly worthwhile and valuable.
  • Walk into Studio makes art education flourish everywhere.

Cultural Travel


  • To cultivate students’ abilities outside the classroom, enhance their abilities to appreciate art, and increase their interest in art and cultural activities, the Center organizes Cultural Travel activities to connect students across campuses with international and exchange students.
  • The Center also introduces students to the community through dynamic teaching, such that they become more concerned about issues related to ecology, environment, and community construction. It also establishes a service and learns platform for students to provide feedback through their reflections and connect with local multiculturalism.

ART Course


  • The ART Course represents art appreciation and interpretation, which can be comprehended and defined from multiple perspectives. It aims to bring a more diversified art experience to teachers, students, and the community through various courses on different topics.

Jacaranda Literature and Photography Award


  • The Jacaranda Literature and Photography Award is a university-level award, which calls for submissions from the end of December to February of the following year. All students in the university can submit their works. The literature award includes three categories: modern poetry, essays, and novels.
  •  The photography award has no restriction on themes. Award-winning works will be displayed in the Art Space in May each year and made into portfolios.