Performance Application


  1. Purpose of selection:
    Select high-quality series of programs suitable for the Chiao Tung University Auditorium for the NYCU Arts Center Programs each semester.
  1. Method of selection:
    The Center will hold the Performing Arts Program Selection Committee (hereinafter referred to as Selection Committee), who will select a list of programs to be invited.
  2. Event dates:
    October, November, and December in the first semester; March, April, and May in the second semester.
  3. Application deadlines: April 30 and October 31.
  4. Selection dates: The Selection Committee will hold two meetings in each academic year, in late May and late November.
  5. Required documents for applicants who wish to perform:
    (a) Performance schedule review (application form)
    (b) Proposal (six copies)
    (c) Audio materials (such as CD, VCD, or DVD)
  1. Contents of the proposal:
    (a) Performer (individual or group) profile/photo/experience (if foreign performers are included, please indicate their nationality)
    (b) Purpose of the performance
    (c) The repertoire (once selected, it shall not be changed without permission)
    (d) Brief description of the performance/how it will be performed
    (e) Estimated time of the entire performance (including intermission time)
    (f) Desired date for performance
    (g) Expenditure of the performance you would like to apply for (for reference only; the actual cost shall be subject to the regulations of the Center)
    (h) Contact person’s telephone/fax/address/E-mail
  1. Contents of audio materials:
    (a) The content of the performance and the partner in your performance. If not applicable, please send the audio material of each performer (must be audio materials performed within the last five years).
    (b) Please make a cover for each audio material and indicate the performance date and repertoire.
    (c) The length of the audio material shall be at least 30 minutes.
  1. Selection criteria:
    The members of the Selection Committee will review the proposal and audio materials of the application. On the basis of the quality, content, expenditure, and attributes of the application, they will select the performances to be invited and determine the number of performances to be invited (approximately 8–10 sessions per semester).
  1. For all performance applications, the results of the selection will be notified by phone or letter.
  2. For programs that have been selected, their next application shall not be within four semesters (two years).
  3. Applications that are not selected will not be returned.
  4. Contact us at 03-5731953.


[Note] Please send the application materials by registered letter at the following address:

No. 1001 University Road, Hsinchu 300093, Taiwan, ROC
The National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University Arts Center