About Us

The National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University Arts Center was consolidated in February 2021 after integrating the former Yang Ming University and the former Chiao Tung University Arts Center. Over the years, it has accumulated resources; continuously played the role of promoting arts and culture on campus; and adhered to the concept of combining tradition and modernity, refinement, and popularity. Moreover, it has provided aesthetic life experience on campus by various means, stimulated cross-field creative potential, enhanced appreciation of the humanities among teachers and students, and strengthened the soft power of Yang Ming Chiao Tung University by planning Arts Center Programs and holding literature and photography award events.

The Chiao Tung campus has two well-equipped exhibition and performance venues, the Music Performance Hall and the Gallery. The Music Performance Hall is located on the Floors 2 and 3 of the Student Activity Center and can accommodate 232 people. It is equipped with two Steinway 274 grand pianos and professional lighting and sound equipment. In addition to accommodating drama and dance performances, it is also an ideal place for chamber music performance. The Gallery is located on Floor B1 of the Hao Ran Library and is a space elaborately designed by a professional architectural team. The duplex large-scale light-wall staircase in the middle of the building is unique and beautifully designed. The wooden floor, together with the various wall space and lighting configurations, creates a simple and modern high-quality gallery space, which can bring the best of artworks.


The Yang Ming campus has a multifunctional space, the Art Space. It is located in the front hallway of the Zhi Xing Building and is a key area for students to study and live. The Art Space is a rectangular space with a row of windows on the right wall, introducing natural light and campus views, and has two small rooms for activities. The Art Space can accommodate exhibitions, workshops, lectures, live performances, club presentations, and other activities. The storage room has a piano, and the venue can accommodate 55 seats. The compact and bright space is remarkably flexible and can meet the nature and needs of different student activities.


Every semester, the Arts Center hosts fascinating Arts Center Programs, inviting outstanding domestic and foreign artists and groups to the university for exhibitions, performances, or keynote speeches. In addition, the Arts Appreciation Education Course is planned to enrich the aesthetic life experience of teachers and students on campus through various activities and provide high-quality leisure options for the community. The Arts Center Programs have infused the serious and masculine campus with a lively artistic atmosphere and gentle humanistic thinking.


Development features
Play the role of promoting arts and culture on campus

  1. Provide aesthetic life experience for all teachers and students on campus.
  2. Stimulate creative potential and cultivate cultural awareness.
  3. Work with the community to create a living environment that combines humanities, science and technology, and art.
  4. Promote international cultural exchanges and enhance the university’s artistic image and status.